Summary of Seven-Week Virtual Course: Mastering Life, Love, and Joy As Adoptees

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Week One: Get To The Meaning

Understanding the meaning you currently hold for your adoption story is an essential component of understanding how you see the world and your place in it. This week guides you to identify what your relationship is with your adoption. In other words, how do you see your adoption? What meaning are you currently giving your adoption story? This is a key discovery as we work to transform your relationship with your own adoption. Your thoughts create your reality. Let’s understand those thoughts and how they are directing your current reality. Are your thoughts about your adoption story serving you? Are they hindering you? Let’s get to the heart of the meaning.

If your adoption story was an ocean, I want you to commit to diving deep and exploring what that ocean looks like to you, right now. 

Week Two: Get To The Wounds

Getting to the wounds is absolutely necessary if we desire real, sustainable transformation in our lives as adoptees. In week two, we’ll begin to identify the wounds and limiting beliefs that drive the uncertainties, or the fears, in your life today. It’s impossible to move forward if we’re not willing to look at what is hurting us inside and then find the ways to move through that hurt and onto healing. If we don’t get to the wounds within us, we feel stuck inside an impossible maze. Feeling stuck is painful. It’s disempowering. This week is all about recognizing what the wounds are, naming them, and facing them. It’s an important and empowering step forward for the adoptee. As adoptees, we don’t have to run from our wounds, anymore.

If you could speak to the wounds, what would you say? How would you describe the impact these wounds have on your life? 

Week Three: Get To The Forgiving

Getting to a place of forgiveness is where we arrive at true freedom. In week three, we’ll look at who or what within your adoption story you may need to forgive. I call this Radical Forgiveness because it asks of us to offer a widespread and sweeping kind of forgiveness. This means letting go of any anger, blame, or accusation that may be lingering inside of you—offering forgiveness toward others, and also toward yourself. This may seem like an impossible feat. I understand. However, it is essential to healing. Radical Forgiveness is how we open the doors to evolving and becoming more of who we want to be. 

If you could close your eyes and see yourself as someone offering radical forgiveness to anyone and anything that has caused you pain, what would that look like? If you could see yourself as radically forgiven, who could you become? What could you achieve?

Week Four: Get To The Truth

Getting to the truth is how you step into who you really are. Weeks one, two, and three have been about identifying and shedding all of the logos of limitation that have held you back: the stories, the wounds, and the fears. Week four is about celebrating the power in this newfound lightness. It’s about choosing change and claiming this new moment in your life’s journey as an adoptee. This week, we’ll explore how we can love ourselves: scars, flaws, and all. The importance of accepting ourselves in this way and growing our ability to be our very own best friend. This week is all about reunion with Self: the most important reunion you can arrive at as an adoptee.

See yourself as the change you are choosing: walking in truth, transparency, and vulnerability. Be the change! What does this change feel like inside of you? 

Week Five: Get To The Gratitude 

Getting to gratitude is everything! It’s how we set the course for living lives of happiness and joy. Happiness and joy are internal conditions that don’t require outside influence. You’ve chosen change in your life and this sets a new internal mapping. You’re not the same person as you were five weeks ago. Seeing elements of our adoption stories as happening for us, and not to us, requires the daily practice of gratitude. We’ll learn about The Gratitude Grab and how to apply it in your lives, as adoptees. It’s a powerful tool. 

How might a daily dose of gratitude change your life? How might the practice of gratitude help you find the happiness and the joy that you deserve? 

Week Six: Get To The Whole Value

Getting to the whole value of our adoption stories requires the ability to appreciate both the hard parts of adoption as well as the beautiful parts. Understanding and acknowledging that adoption is both loss and gain. In week six, we’ll dialogue on how we can merge both the triumph and the tears of adoption and we’ll begin to compose our Letters of Freedom. In the Letters of Freedom exercise, you’ll be asked to write yourself free. This is your declaration of freedom! What has adoption taught you? How has it made you more resilient, more aware, more in tune, more willing to listen, more willing to include?

What are the gifts of your adoption story that you did not see before, but are willing to embrace, now? How does this new embrace change your today, and your tomorrows?

Week Seven: Get To The Love

How can you share love more freely with others and with the world? Loving full out is how we enhance our lives, as adoptees, as well as the lives of those around us. Love is worth celebrating! We’ll also celebrate this group and the connections we’ve made here—connections that can last a lifetime. We need each other along this life-long adoption journey. Let’s commit to helping each other as we continue to awaken and fully step into lives of joy and wholehearted purpose. In week seven, I’ll present a finalization teaching and we’ll also share our Letters of Freedom, declaring out loud our truths and claiming our freedom from what has, in the past, held us back. We’ll close our seven weeks together on this empowering note.

How has your adoption story become your strength? 

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