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Empowering Adoptees to Heal and Excel

Get adoptee empowerment coaching. get results.

Michelle Madrid-Branch’s Adoptee Empowerment Coaching is like no other adoptee coaching out there. Michelle believes in the power of “wisdom teaching wisdom,” and she holds a treasure of adoption wisdom to share. As a former foster child in Great Britain and as an international adoptee, Michelle understands the struggles and questions that come with being adopted. She knows the places of sadness that linger within.

Even when the adoptee is successful and high-functioning in life, there can be hidden hurts that hinder their ability to connect, trust, and truly thrive. Michelle’s coaching guides the adoptee to identify the meaning they hold for their adoption story, how that meaning is driving their identity along with any fears, so that they can tame the beast of limiting belief and move forward to mastering life, love, and joy as adoptees. In Michelle’s words, “I’ve never made a significant and transformational step forward in my own life without, first, going deep and facing what needed to be faced in order to break through and rise above.”

Coach Michelle has been trained and coached by some of the most elite life coaches and teachers in the world today: Tony Robbins and the Robbins Platinum Partnership, Joe and Alison Williams, Debra Russell, and those at the Institute of Life Coach Training—just to name a few. These individuals have helped Michelle to transform her own life in order for her to help adoptees transform theirs.

“Michelle understands adoption in ways that most others do not.”—Adoption Now

How Does Michelle’s Adoptee Empowerment Coaching Work?

Michelle offers two empowering ways to access her transformative coaching.

1.) Mastering Life, Love, and Joy as Adoptees: A 7-Week virtual course, via ZOOM, with a group of no more than 10 adult adoptees, journeying through their adoption stories and experiences, identifying limiting beliefs and fears, getting to truth and forgiveness, and transforming their relationships with their adoptions. We do this impactful work together and discover the power of community, connection, transparency, and vulnerability. The live virtual course begins on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 at 12 PM PDT and runs for seven weeks.

2.) 6-Months One-on-One Adoptee Empowerment Coaching

The 6-month coaching package offers the adoptee client tailored and personalized guidance with Coach Michelle, in healing unresolved hurts, awakening to self-discovery, seeding deeper understanding, and doing the transformative work required to excel. The goal is for the adult adoptee client to find freedom from their adoption wounds, ultimate fulfillment, and a beautiful life.

All adoptee empowerment coaching begins with a complimentary 20-minute conversation where you identify barriers and set goals. You’ll then go through the following steps with Coach Michelle: Get to the meaning you currently hold for your adoption story. Identify fears and limiting beliefs. Develop patterns to overcome those fears and limiting beliefs. Reinforce healthy patterns. Learn the difference between existing in the mind verses living from the heart, and ultimately begin achieving your goals and finding the happiness every adoptee deserves.

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“Michelle is an absolute gift. She draws you in with the warmth and welcoming heart of a trusted friend, while offering the wisdom and keen insight of a seasoned coach.” —Leah Benjamin

“I found Michelle’s coaching website around the time I had found and met my aging biological mother. As many adoptees, I lived mostly ignoring my birth story, so this life-event felt overwhelming as I tried to wade through so many confusing and unaddressed emotions. I reached out to Michelle for guidance not really knowing what to expect, as adoption issues in my family were not spoken about. Once I made the appointment and spoke with Michelle, I quickly felt that I was in a safe space to explore feelings, emotions and thoughts. Authenticity, I think, for many adoptees is a quality we can hone in on very quickly and is what I felt right away when working with Michelle.

For me, authenticity, trust, and feeling safe in this coaching relationship had to come first before I could begin moving forward and making positive life transformations. Being able to relate to Michelle as a fellow adoptee is also very important as her wisdom and shared experiences help guide and foster change for the better. Patience and the time to move at your own pace while exploring is another important aspect of Michelle’s coaching. She only moves as fast as you want to go as you explore and discuss areas in your life that may have never seen the light. Trust, authenticity, wisdom, patience, guidance, and safety are all things I have experienced while working with Michelle and I look forward to coaching with her and growing as a person.” —J, Adoptee


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