Michelle Madrid-Branch
Life Wellness Coach 

Here’s an important truth: we’re in this life together! Sometimes the walk of life can be tough. In these times, it’s vitally important to know that you’re not alone. If you’re lacking self-confidence, or self-esteem; struggling with grief, fear, or guilt; feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, isolated or ashamed; there is a way to transform that dark place to a most brilliant light. 

Michelle believes that every person she works with is whole, competent, creative and resourceful. She says it’s her job to stand with her clients, and help them discover their unique and one-of-a-kind purpose. The true key to happiness! 

"Michelle is an absolute gift. She draws you in with the warmth and welcoming heart of a trusted friend, while offering the wisdom and keen insight of a seasoned coach." ~Leah Benjamin



Michelle has spent a majority of her life as a voice for the marginalized. As a former Emmy-nominated television news anchor and journalist, she has fought for truth, and for what is right and good.

As an international adoptee, she understands the struggles and questions that can accompany the adoption experience. As an adoptive mother, she also understands the immense blessing of adopting. Through her own personal journey of healing, she has broken free of the emotional chains that once held her back from achieving a life of fulfillment, wellness, and wholeness. 

As a Life Wellness Coach, Michelle is trained through the Institute for Life Coach Training. As a Platinum Partner with the Tony Robbins Group, Michelle has learned from some of the very best life coaches in the field. 

She’s honored to advance this knowledge through coaching others who yearn for more in their lives, careers, relationships, and health. 

coaching for adoptees & adoptive parents

As an adoptee and adoptive parent, Michelle brings to life coaching a unique perspective and a deep understanding of what her clients are feeling and experiencing. She understands the emotions, questions, and struggles of living within the skin of adoption. She also believes in the limitless potential of every adoptee.

Michelle has two children who were delivered into her life via adoption. She understands the longing parents hold to help and support their children as they move through the questions and feelings that arise as adoptees.

Adoption includes both loss and gain. It’s vitally important that we hear and acknowledge both sides of the experience. 

Through Michelle's coaching, she will:

  • assist adoptees in freeing themselves from the pain of abandonment, and to help them bridge the gap between their biology and their biography.
  • assist adoptive parents in understanding, more deeply, their child’s journey so that they are more equipped to stand as a strong and stable source of support. 

Michelle views it as one of her greatest privileges to coach clients as they build a bridge to healing, thus empowering and transforming their lives.

“Michelle understands adoption in ways that most others do not.” ~Adoption Now


With a life wellness coach as their guide, clients are able to clearly define and articulate their dreams, identify what is holding them back from realizing those dreams, and move forward with unstoppable momentum and clarity of vision.

Coaching is a co-creative equal partnership between coach and client, designed to improve and enhance the client’s quality of life. 

It’s about where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there!

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The majority of Michelle’s coaching sessions are conducted over the phone. Clients can live anywhere in the world and still receive Michelle’s coaching. This also works well for people with busy schedules, and allows for a very relaxed environment for you.




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